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Growing Beyond a Child of God

Living the Truth of First Century Christianity

Ideally, we would like to provide a copy of the book to every person on the planet.  The closet we can come to doing that is to provide you with a free PDF file version of the book for you to read and share with anyone you know who owns an electronic device, such as a computer, tablet or cell phone, that is able to connect to the Internet and download a PDF file. The free PDF file version of the book  is for your personal study and sharing with others on line, off line, at church or in ministry situations. It is not to be printed and sold but you are free to print out and use pages for your personal or ministerial use.

For $19.99, we also have available a paperback version of the 360 page book, which you can order direct from the publisher by clicking on our Purchase a Paperback Copy of The Book Tab on the top of this website. We use the proceeds from the paperback copy of the book plus your free will  Partner With Us Love Donations to help pay for our ministry expenses. You do not have to purchase a paperback version of the book nor make a Partner With Us Love Donation to download the free PDF file version of the book.  

We pray that through downloading. reading and applying the book to your life, you will learn how to allow God to bless you in all your ways, so that through Christ in you, you will bless others with the riches in glory that God gives you.


1) First CLICK ON THE BLUE “Download Book Here” button underneath Gayle and Mike Mooney immediately below this and the PDF will download ONTO your computer, tablet or cell phone.

Gayle and Mike Mooney
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 2) Once the PDF downloads ONTO your electronic device THEN you need to STORE IT INTO your device OR IT WILL BE LOST WHEN YOU EXIT IT. So permanently store the PDF into your computer  desktop files or documents files or download files or in the case of a cell phone into your images or files section or special PDF files section that some cell phones have access to.

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